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REM Radio Airplay List
Band Spotlight: Tennessee Larue
REM Radio Airplay List
Hello Everybody!!! Tennessee Larue here!!! 

I'm very excited for Redstarr Entertainment  Magazine members and other's
 who jump on our bandwagon.

I will offer Radio Stations who will play your music, as long as it's well produced and good.

This list is unlike other lists you may have seen or maybe bought.  In the fact this is the one I use! 

My music plays for over 7 million people every week  .Never before offered to the public.  

I have been successful in the music business and now I want to help as many people as I can do the same 

If your music isn't worth investing in then maybe you should not quit your day job.

 All the best to all of the
 Redstarr Entertainment Magazine

Larry Cox /Tennessee Larue & Sandy Hardin;  President and founder  of Redstarr Entertainment Magazine, LLC.

We are offering this great 
REM Radio Airplay List
for a special price of
$50. to all the existing 
REM members.

Non Members Price

For more information on how you can get started you can call 
Sandy Hardin at 502-650-0927
or Larry Cox/Tennessee Larue
at 423-431-8696